Resource Type
mays cultivar:KN5585
Common Name
maize KN5585

The maize inbred line KN5585 is commonly used as transformation receptor for maize genome editing. To make the best of this transformation receptor, we are working on a reference-level genome assembly of KN5585. Although the research article including the reference genome assembly of KN5585 is still in preparation, we have provided a BLAST database of the KN5585 genome assembly for local sequence alignment.

BLAST against the KN5585 genome assembly

To run BLAST against the KN5585 genome assembly, you could access to our BLAST server and select Zea_mays_cultivar_KN5585_genome from Nucleotide databases section, then follow the BLAST tutorial for queries, options and performing BLAST analysis.


The KN5585 whole genome assembly has NOT been published yet, please contact professor Jianbing Yan (E-mail: if you need to do analyses using the KN5585 whole genome assembly.

Related data

A previous study of developping a CRISPR/Cas9-based editing platform adapted to high-throughput gene knockouts in maize (Organism Images below) has released the raw WGS and RNA-seq reads of KN5585 (Liu et al. 2020). The raw WGS and RNA-seq reads of KN5585 have been deposited in the Genome Sequence Archive of BIG Data Center with accession code "CRA001955". Draft assembled contigs based on WGS reads can be downloaded from maizego.


Organism Image