Compare GWAS locus for multiple traits within given region. If not specified, the most significant region of all selected traits was displayed. The traits were limited to five for better displaying. The scatter plot region can be easily changed by input a new region and 'SEARCH' or click on a BIN in the navigational Manhattan Plot panel. You could also search the GWAS data through our GWAS Table browser.     View More >>>

Navigational Manhattan Plot

This panel shows the most significant P-value (Y-axis) of all selected traits and the genetic variants within 500Kb sliding window of the genome (X-axis). You can navigate to your interested region by zoom and drag. Click on the region will generat a gray vertical indicator, and draw 'Detailed Scatter Plot' of this region below.

Detailed Scatter Plot

This panel shows the detailed plot of the variants and the genes within a certain region. Currently, only variants with -Log10(P-value) greater than 5 were displayed. The dots were colored by traits. The gene information tooltip provides interfaces for connecting with the gene detailed information, genome browser and eQTL signals.

Selected Traits: